Day: April 9, 2021

Importance of Learning Basic Coding for your CareerImportance of Learning Basic Coding for your Career

With the advancements in our technology, most jobs today seek people who know how to do coding. Software developers, web designers, and IT engineers are undoubtedly in high demand. Though this might not be your forte, don’t think that it’s beyond your ability as this will come in handy, primarily when your work is somehow related to it. 

The best thing about coding is that you don’t have to be a developer or be a genius to solve coding problems. So if your job is about dealing with the web, knowing HTML and CSS allows you to make changes and create new pages. Making short scripts helps when you have a repetitive task on your computer.

Lastly, knowing SQL will enable you to collect data from databases and answer questions without depending on a built-in report. 

This article will help you understand more about coding and how it can help your career. 


Getting Started

It will save you a lot of time and money by reaching out to someone who has technical skills. Whether if it’s your co-worker, friend, or family member, they will be able to aid you in knowing some of the basic things you’ll need. Sometimes, a coding tool that you want to learn may be incompatible with the operating system you have. 

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Business-wise, your chosen skill can benefit the business of your employer. Don’t hesitate to ask your employer for your support as they may help with your paid coding lessons or allow you to have training during working hours. Some companies have benefits under their HR Department for this called professional development. 

Consider No-coding Options

Before you start your lesson and training in codes, consider other alternatives which only need a few to no coding at all. The reason is that there are now many tools that try to lessen or remove the amount you need to code. Though saying this, knowing how to code provides you with a background that you can use to make some extensions and customizations. 

Beginning your lessons with no-code options allows you to have an easier grasp of what kind of coding methods is most beneficial to learn. Some examples of these are:

  • Tools such as Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace for building websites provide customization tools and professional templates.
  • Link together websites by using web automation tools.


Coding Skills can Benefit Your Latest Job.

Coding skills are beneficial, especially if your line of work is related to the software and technical field. To start, you can learn the language as it will help you understand problems and translate them into steps your computer can complete. 

Using SQL for interaction in databases is common regardless of the app’s primary language. Learning to code is also a method to demystifying computers. You’ll be able to understand that computers are machines that are exceedingly literal in following rules wherein rules that you can write. 

The method of learning how to code for your job depends on why and what you’re learning. As we get further, you’ll see various kinds of programming tools and techniques that are very useful to professionals.

1. Observe around you

An excellent method to learn to code is looking at tools you need to use, websites, menus, and documentation. With this, you’ll realize you can add functions that were missing before, automate tasks, and answer locked questions using data.   

Below are some terms that imply tools are easy to use for coding:• Script: A simple and short program that automates a particular set of steps. It usually runs inside a program or links large programs together.• Marcos: It is a shortcut for a sequence of actions designated by the user.• API: It is known as Application Program Interface. It is an interface for other programs to other programs. 


2. Learn HTML and CSS

The building blocks of the web are HTML and CSS; wherein HTML defines a page content while the CSS establishes how it looks. They are always together. These skills are much easier to learn as they are simple. 

When you have basic HTML and CSS skills, you can now learn and use Bootstrap and Bulma tools to create professional sites easily. 

3. Regular Expressions

Some word processors such as LibreOffice, Google Docs, and text editors have Regular expressions in their system. Microsoft Word, however, has a more advanced matching feature but is powered the same. 

This can be best observed when you work with a large amount of text or CSV files and run into the limit of finding and replacing. When you use regular expressions, you can do more advance and complex actions with search and replace.

4. Speaking the Native Language of SQL

The relational database is one of the most common types of databases. As the name suggests, it stores a record’s relationship.  By learning SQL known as a relational database’s Lingua Franca, you can move further ahead with the provided dashboards and answer more specific questions. 


5. Learn to Automate

Learning to automate a repetitive task such as placing data on spreadsheets can make your work easier and faster. It provides consistency and serves as documentation on how you did the job.  Below are some tools you can use to automate: • Shell scripting• AutoHotkey• Visual Basic for Applications• AppleScript 


To sum it up, learning to code is very beneficial to your professional career. With the demand for software developers on the rise, coding is one of the skills that would provide you with leverage amongst those who don’t. It will open more opportunities in the technical field and allow you to do web tasks easier.